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Which Millennium Falcon may be used?

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18 hours ago, Jokubas said:

Well, you'll almost certainly need it for the dial, but I'm still not sure about the miniature itself. I'd think all three Falcons would fall under the umbrella of ship modifications having to resemble the proper ship. Each miniature does have subtle differences, but someone could easily have modeled one to look similar to another completely on accident, but there's nothing else in your faction that you could confuse it for (and someone mixing up the stats between the various Falcons is going to happen just by the very nature of how similar they are, even if they are being used in their proper factions).


Edit: To clarify, they are definitely different ships with different full names, now. The question is how that will be enforced for this particular ship. Will interchanging the miniatures be officially allowed? Will it be disallowed? Will it be up to whoever is running an event but otherwise not stated?

I agree that the difference between, say, the Heroes of the Resistance square-dish Falcon and the Millenium Falcon classic Falcon is small enough that it doesn't make sense to worry about it when we're allowing much more extreme DIY mods. As a TO I certainly wouldn't mind. But there is now a rule (assuming it stays in the document when it's finally fully released) that unambiguously applies.

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That's actually part of the reason I'd like an official statement on this ship and others in a similar situation, because there is now a rule that basically says "You definitely can't!", but I think this opens up some ambiguity with some other rules (even with most people saying that they won't mind).

For instance, let's imagine that back when the very first Millennium Falcon was released, somebody modified it to come to a point in the front (which is a look I know some people were fond of long before Solo). At the time, that would have been fairly safe under the paint and modification rule, as there is no conflict with any other ship.

Now, however, this would make it resemble the Customized YT-1300 with an Escape Craft docked. If they're still using their Falcon as a Rebel, it may be the correct original model for their faction, but it now violates the modification rule by resembling what is officially considered a completely different ship (or two different ships with the Escape Craft).

Alternatively, let's imagine a situation in which someone buys Lando's Millennium Falcon because they want to fly a YT-1300 as Scum. However, they don't want to use the Escape Craft at the moment, so they don't have it attached, and since they're playing Scum, they decide to paint it in a way that heavily weathers it. At this point, it could again arguably violate the rule about not making a ship look like another ship, since it would look more like the Modified or Scavenged YT-1300, which are different ships.

Again, it's probably not going to be a big problem, since most people seem to recognize that it would be a silly thing to nitpick in most cases. I don't think there's necessarily any urgency to this either. It just bugs me that right now it does officially conflict with some rules when I don't think it has to.

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