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2.0 Kits - Nicely done FFG

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Just a little gush on how impressed I am with the conversion kit and core kit I had delivered to me today.

I've kept myself relatively shaded with 2.0, trying not to theory-craft too much or hammer out lists before having a physical copy of the new cards.

New core kit - a shiny new S-Foils X-Wing for me to pop Porkins into. Not much else to say really - nice clean tokens and cards with the usual rules print out.

The conversion kit - hoo boy. I'm going to be here for a while. I only have the Rebel kit but this thing is packed full, I underestimated how much this would be to put together and organise. Wow.

So thank you and well done FFG, I certainly got my money's worth and I'm eager to get some games arranged. Hopefully many more on the boards are having the same experience upgrading their kits!

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