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Where is my Maarek Stele Defender?!

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11 minutes ago, Kehl_Aecea said:

The Defender was faster, more agile, tougher shields and hull, plus had ion cannons and held more missiles. 

The Avenger was a step up from the X1 being faster and having 4 lasers instead of 2.

If translated to the game, a 3 primary and maybe a sloop or t roll to the X1 dial. If they don't make a new model, perhaps a configuration for the X1.

If they don't make an Avenger model, what's the point?!

The shields and hull were what I most remembered being different.  The Defender had good shields and took a couple hits even after they were gone.  The Avenger's shields were decent, but you were dead if a shot got through. 

To put it another way, Avengers were completely reliant on their speed and maneuverability, with their shields just forgiving a mistake or two.  Defenders could go head-to-head with pretty much anything and still come out on top.

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2 hours ago, JJ48 said:

Maybe just make him a Title card that plays on any non-unique Imperial ship and gives it his pilot ability.

That's when it was first released.  There were also updated versions, and I believe a boxed collection set later.  Also, maybe I'm misremembering, but it seems to me like many games stuck around much longer back then (especially because they were on physical media, and so could end up in garage sales and whatnot).

I mean, I'm in my early 30s and have very fond memories of playing those games in high school (early 2000s).

Same here, I'm still under 30 and fondly remember TIE fighter and X-wing.

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