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Darth Matthew

Who's House? Hawthorns House.

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Wasn't planned, but it worked out amazing.

Hawthorn charged a unit of Ventari, didn't quite make the turn and clipped a piece of terrain.  He entered the terrain.

Then I read sweeping strikes again...

When you fight: Your front edge is treated as touching the front edge of all enemies at Range 1 of you.

From bunkered down in his  terrain, next round Hawthorn swung at 4 units.  Then 3 units the following turn.  Over the course of the game, he cleared a huge section of the table.

Who's House?  Hawthorns house.




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While he did a lot of damage, I'm not a huge fan of that build.  Defense 3 (4 after raising shield) and 4 wounds just isn't that survivable.  Even with the Shard of the Shadow Rune, the lack of re-rolls kept him from taking out trays to stay alive.

IMO, might of daqan and shadow shard is the way to go.  When the Baron comes out, going to run both.

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