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More and more interested in Epic X Wing + Legion combined games

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First of all, please forgive my bad english. One old injury is "active" today, and I wrote under the combined effects of no sleep, pain plus pain killers.
Legion. In our opinion non tier Star Wars game. But interesting Epic Play "DLC"
Last game... Imperial quick reaction strike squadron raiding a Black Sun enclave. 
Imperial... 4 Lambda loaded with Stormtrooper units (infantry + bikes). One VT 49 "Electronic Warfare" ship provided extra defence to the non agile shuttles. No Action available to the VT 49, but Shuttles Rng 0-2 Agi +1. 
Two Named Interceptot pilots plus a bunch oh Tie Fighters "no face swarm, 8 ships, escorted the invasion wave.
Black Sun's defenced were ground based, plus of course ships.
Ground defenses: one long range missile launcher site , "Concussion misiles" Rng 2-5 capable to TL up to range 5 (only TL actiom available). One "Quad Laser Battery", maximun energy available each turn but no Actions available.
Space Forces. 
One Scum Epic ship upgunned (hardpoints +1, cargo slots- 1). Bosk's Y-666. M3 interceptors and K Fighters.
Imperial Forces stronger by a wide margin, but victory conditions quite difficult to achieve. Lambdas are quite easy targets, but VT's EW Pods were supposed to be a key factor.
One Lambda reached the Landing Zone unharmed. One with only a scratch (one face down damage card). One badly damaged (two face down damage cards plus "Injuried pilot" Crit. The stormtrooper squad unharmed, but Bike KO. the last exploded when 2 K Fighters fired simultaneously Cluster Misiles and rolled 12 hits. 
The VT 49 was the primary target. Lived long enought to protect the Lambdas and their troops. Black Sun's SAMs finished her. 
Empire players achieved, by a thin margin, a Minor Victory. A "Draw" due to stormtroopers KIA, but the Tie Swarm hit hard the K fighters, and Scum's green dices were doomed. 
After dinner played "Legion", surviving Imp units vs (ejem) Scum mercenaries...in Rebel outfits. Bad Imperial deployment, bad moves and bad luck. So the "garden" element of the game was short and nasty. Not because "Legion" is flawed, sometimes one side plays bad and rolls bad. 
Give this combo a try. Now we only play X Wing every 4 weeks but this is a new world. 

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