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2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Completed!

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6 hours ago, CaribbeanNinja said:

So PT106 and Zamalekite have locked up NA West and Europe.  While Roquax has posted a 33 in the NA East.  Interesting stuff!

If the game between @JJs Juggernaut and @CommanderDave finishes 6:5 to Dave they will both qualify. Anything other than that will mean JJ/Dave qualify with Roquax as best runner up. 

Quite a good chance we'll end up with 3 Dadonnas in final 4...

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Dupy vs @Dark Raver

A win to Dark Raver with a whopping 88 to 27, MOV 61.

We played my Planetary Ion Cannon.

I was fairly confident going into this battle that I could overcome the duo of angry triangles.  Pryce was set up on Ravers BTA for turn 3.  I just needed him to inch forward a touch to get multiple ships into range in order to sink it.  But, raver, and his Entrapment formation stopped it dead in the water, speed 0, ruining my plans.

The BTA took a beating anyways, It was out of shielding and starting to burn.  It was able to pounce on my Needa Arquitens and just finished it off after using Boarding troopers, CF dial, and external racks to get the 5 damage out the front.   I misplaced my trailing raider and flagship and the BTA escaped.   3 ion Cannon shots and ship shots it fled with few shields and 4 health. 

Dark Raver maneuvered well and overcame my swarm.  Thank you for the great and challenging game.  Thanks to @CaribbeanNinja for setting up the tournament.

In all, I lost my Needa, trc, arquitens, and comms net Gozzy.  Dark Raver lost a comms, hondo, gozzy. 

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@RikkiP showed me how a bomber list will reck my list :)

Rikki outscored me 462 - 123 for a MoV of 339 (10-1).

As predicted, that kind of bomber list just melts down poor old Cracken and his hammerheads. There is no shame losing to a top 4 worlds dude who really knows how to play the Pelta Yavaris combo to its best. 

Cracken did OK for me, 2 wins and 2 losses (both to bomber heavy lists) are a decent show for my man.

Thanks Rikki for the chill game! Huge probs to @CaribbbeanNinja for hosting this tournament, I had fun releasing the Cracken getting bombed to death :) 

Gl to the top4 in the cut, hope I can spectate one of these games!


Rikki killed my Admo, 3 HHs and both GR75, scoring 11 Tokens.

I killed one GR 75, 2 YT1300, Jan Ors and scored 3 Tokens.

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@BrobaFett and I finished our match late last night (at least it was late for me!).

Final score 400:76 to me for an MOV of 324 and a 10:1 win.

I knew I just had to avoid an 8:3 loss to have a good chance of making the cut so I deployed centrally but facing all my ships to the right. Broba also deployed centrally but had a bunch of asteroids in front of his ships to contend with. 

I kept my squads in close to my packed bunch of ships and was hoping I'd have a chance to kill off his fighter squads before his ISD got to me. The big attack came in turn 3 and Mauler managed to hit 6 of my squads with splash damage. I lost Corran to the first wave and was able to then counterattack with my squads and flak fire. My dice were pretty hot on the counter (they were through the game) and by the end of turn 4 all of Broba's fighters were down for the loss of Corran and Luke. I was able to kill off the Quasar before then being able to concentrate my firepower on his ISD for the last 2 rounds. 

Broba had to scoot after taking his last shot with his 1-shield ISD. I then proceeded to finish off the ISD with 7 double-dice bomber runs and a double arc from my Pelta.

It would have been a very different game if just a straight head-to-head and my dice were very good but my MVP was probably those asteroids at the start that forced his ISD to chart a sub-optimal route across the board to get to me. Thanks Broba for being such a good sport in the face of nasty dice!

Thanks also to spectators who pointed out a mistake towards the end with me trying to FCT an engaged VCX! (I was getting a bit tired by that stage!)

(for @geek19 I lost my Toryn GR75, Luke and Corran)

p.s. I hope I'll have a few folks from Europe cheering me on in the final 4 match-ups :D

Rhymer Cup here I come!

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added p.s.

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Final game between myself and @jp82729, this was a hard match up for his fleet and he utterly failed to exploit a fundamental flaw in the game, that flaw of course is that I'm not very good at it.

The details: We played his Fighter Ambush which worked out poorly for his Gozy which was nose punched round one and died coughing up 3 victory tokens in the process. His Mauler and Tempest Squadron moved to intercept my fighter ball and both died at the start of turn 2 as the nose punch pulled back out of range of his fighters and Ruthless Strategist shenanigans, Rhymer was not quick enough  on the retreat and fell to Merek Steele. Down activations the ISD and Quasar moved forward looking for targets. This brought the quasar into range of Demolisher which hit it last on turn 2, and then first on turn 3 finishing it off.

Thrawns ISD with some bomber assist showed some remarkable poor rolling and only barely managed to pop Ozzels raider, which has been the defining occurrence of all of my games, in revenge the light squads killed his Steele and my fighters starting working over the ISD.  Thrawns ISD sued for peace after losing a good number of shields and being reduced to 6 hull and coughing up several more victory tokens.

We called it at the start of turn 4, 475-104. So a MOV of 371 and a 10-1 to me.

Many thanks to @CaribbeanNinja for putting on the tournament.

For the Fart Fanatics, I lost the raider and rhymer, JP lost all.

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@Quadro28 vs GP ends 480-329, for an 803 his way on his Contested Outpost. And I even got a logfile. Survivors were my Gozantis, the A-wings, and not Ahsoka's Neb.

Logfile: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OkiCFHfVH6NmUPkJKVpRc08WCwXMPqXW/view?usp=sharing

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Dr Alex v @Beginner2Winner is over.

b2w had the bid and went first picking my jamming barrier as he hadn’t played it before. 

I put the barrier about 1 third of the table from his edge in front of my fleet, he had deployed admiral and jaina’s light to flank on his right into my devestator, bright hope and the armoured cruiser in the middle opposite me and quantum storm with slicers flanking on his left. 

I used Pryce for turn 2, which was probably a turn early. We approached each other but Jan was able to keep his MC75 and bright hope just behind the barrier so my Pryce turn didn’t do much. 

Turn 3 Jan sliced pursuant to a nav, which turned out to be really critical. I then used that nav to race pursuant to just over speed 1 from my side of the barrier blocking the MC75 from flying past devastator.

Jan then learnt why intel officers aren’t great against a Tagge Devestator as I used his intel officer to shed a defence token and start powering up devestator. I also used a contain against 1 blue hit, just in case. devestator and some bombers stripped the front shield from the MC75.

the MC75 failed to hit pursuant through its front arc through a combination of the barrier, two accuracies and Brunson. It then shot Devestator powering it up a bit more. Then rammed Pursuant poking it’s nose through the barrier, but not the side arc’s LOS dot.

Admo flew around the back of devestator and quantum storm sliced devestator to a nav.

turn 4 and the MC75 opens fires from it’s side into Pursuant. The LoS however passes through the jamming barrier which combined with some dreadful dice means pursuant loses one shield on it’s side. The MC75 then rolls a perfect 12 from its front with CF and ER on 4 blue and 4 black. No accs however mean brace, redirect  and Brunson keeps pursuant alive on 2 hull. 1 hull after th MC75 rams. Pursuant then gets the rhymer ball to do more damage to the front of the MC75 and then shoots it itself. Finally it tries to dash past but can’t make it and rams itself to death, leaving the MC75 in the front arc of a powered up devestator on 4 hull. Admo comes in a shoots Devestator not achieving much then devestator blows the MC75 out of the water and strips admo of what is left of it’s shields and most of its defence tokens. Then rams bright hope who in turn has to ram devestator in a slow motion recreation of the end of Rogue One. The bombers strip the rest of the defence tokens from admo leaving it on 3 Health.

turn 5 and Tagge brings back my brace, which is crucial in not dying. Admo is just out of black range by the smallest of margins (the plastic is in black) admo has a conc fire dial so can’t easily escape but has a quick shot and then runs as far as it can staying in the side arc of devestator behind the barrier. Devestator then opens up on bright hope through the barrier. A 12 dice front arc goes to 6 blue which despite leading shots the whole lot doesn’t get a single acc so bright hope scatters. Jaina’s light which has snuck in the rear arc loses its shields and its antisquad dice from a crit. Bright hope then dies through ramming. Jaina’s light shoots then rams devestator to avoid flying into the middle of the rhymer ball. The bombers then fail to kill it leaving it on one health.  Quantum storm slices devestator to a repair.

Turn 6 and jaina’s light opens fire on the shieldless rear of  Devestator then rams it bringing it to 2 health and killing itself. Devestator repairs one hull and moves a shield to it’s side, it shoots admo bringing it down to one health and then has to fly into an asteroid to avoid being in black range of admo. The asteroid doesn’t inflict anything important and leaves devestator on 2 hull with 1 shield on front and 1 shield on the right. Admo shoots it’s side getting two hits which brace to 1 and takes down the shield protecting that arc. The rear then rolls a crit which makes my heart stop beating while I reveal it, it is not a structural damage so devestator survives on 1 health. Admo flies off and shara kills a TIE advanced.

in the end I win, 253-100 MoV 153 so 8-3.

dead on my side:


2 TIE advanced

dead for beginner2winner:


Bright hope

Jaina’s light


in the end Jan sliced me to victory as that nav on pursuant let me block the MC75 in devestator’s front arc. It was an awesome game which ended with both of us being one hull point from being ranked, Tagge saved my backside completely (take that Tagge doubters) and the jamming barrier worked for both of us completely changing the flow of the game at different times. 

That’s my tournament done. Thanks to my opponents for putting up with having to split games over multiple nights due to an angry girlfriend and newborn baby. I’m not doing the World Cup because I just can’t dedicate the time this year which is rubbish, someone else needs to run complete jank for me. I still have my tripledictors list if anyone wants it?.

thanks for organising @CaribbeanNinja

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thanks for the write-up @Dr alex, it was an awesome game! I've learned about Jamming Barrier, the power of Devastator and the power of a 2-ship-list 😂 I was really surprised how deadly this list is and I need to think about the right strategy to handel ISD-2. Thinking of the game, maybe I was to carefull with Admo, trying to arc-dodge. I had some success in doing that but to the price of doing not that much damage by myself. Admo had no double-arcs during the whole game and only half of the shots were in black range. As in the end, I needed just one more damage, a more aggressive approach might have been the better way...

And I need to think more carefully about slicing. I have never ever expected to see Pursuant blocking the MC75 🤣 This came as a completely surprise!

Thanks to Alex for this great game, it was really fun! Also for me the tournament is now over, which is sad as I had that much fun and great opponents!

Now I am trying to find enemies for getting on the waiting list of World Cup 😉

Thanks for organising @CaribbeanNinja

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3 hours ago, Zamalekite said:

I'll be very interested to see how this pans out. I had a narrow loss with my same fleet vs a Raddus list at London Masters. I'd love to see Rapid's fleet fares against your list (which I'm glad I didn't have to face!)

Yeah, not feeling like the favorite in that matchup.

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So the game is over, 378:232 my way, MoV 146, 8:3


My whopping bid of 0 allowed Veggie to choose 1st player, we played my precision strike.

Deployment advantage was definitely mine, Veggie set himself up with his two slicers in the middle, the raddusvette in one corner, admonition on the other side.

I planned to pressure Raddus with Squads to force a bad drop - I somewhat succeeded. Prof dropped to the side, to force my pelta in its side arc, the hie corvette next to it with the same goal. At the start of the turn, QS came in to slice Yavaris, however it died the same turn, as did Raddus. The HIE corvette had no redirect left and lost some shields. The Pelta evaporated, Prof moved up and got a double arc on Yavs back. BH was blocked by a HH. Admonition watched from the side.

Start of turn 3 had Veggie in a pinch, double arc Yavaris or attempt to save the HIE cr. He attempted the latter, the cr flew to the top, yavaris escaped as a result and the cr died anyway as enough squads were able to reach it.

Admo and Profundity attempted a pincer move on Rieekan that saw Rieekan zombie himself turn 5. The rest of the turn, my squads killed Profundity and I rammed myself some. My CN Flotilla died, mostly to stop admo from farming it for tokens...silly ramming.


Smart play on his part allowed him to get 5 Victory Tokens to my 7. The game ended then. Veggie will post a logfile of that later.


It was a tough match for me, Veggie played really well and Raddus drops are always a threat. My dice were at times above average, his at times below average - that always has a big impact on these games. All in all, I enjoyed the game a lot again, even if it is always a slog to play squadron heavy lists. Thanks a lot to Veggie, a really very nice player who deserves the best.


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@Captain ICT and Outboundflight have finished our match with an 8-3  169 MOV to myself. 

The Captain picked first, and chose my contested outpost. He plunged into the fray with Speed 3 ET Liberties controlled by Madine. I took the station turn 1, and managed to slice his flagship to squads which effectively ruined his activation order for the next round. I sacrificed my HIE CR90 turn 2, but his zombified corpse got the critical shot out the side to trigger HIEs. From there my A-Wings started chipping away at his side hull. My A-Wings rolled hot, and only missed one shot the whole game. Toryn sliced Turn 2 into Mon Karren, slicing it to a squad command. Turn 2 saw the Captain winning the outpost as his flagship had parked on top of it. This, however, brought him into black range of my MC75 front arc, and into red dice range of the side. I started chipping into the flagship with rieeken turn 3. Rieeken rolled hot, and was aided by TRCs. Turn 3 ended in a tie for the station. Turn 4 opened with a weakened MC80 BC hitting the front hull of my MC75 HARD. Undaunted, Rieeken hit the side of Madine's flagship with a double arc aided by TRCs. He sped up to speed 4, and slipped behind the flagship. The Captain activated his CR90, and started chipping away at my battered MC75 before ramming my Toryn Flotilla. I activated my MC75, launching 3 red dice (only scoring one hit) into Madine's Liberty. He redirected, and braced for the front arc. I used my Con fire, and ex rax for a grand total of 8 damage and ACM. My rerolls still resulted in 2 blank black dice. He braced to 4, which meant Madine survived with 2 hull points. Captain unleashed a volley into Rieeken's CR90, and scored a solid HIE shot. Madine shot forward to avoid another round of double arcs. My zombified flotillas activated my A-Wings, killing both liberties at the end of turn 4. Unfortunately the one hull toryn hit and asteroid, killing her and all on board. Turn 5 saw Captain's CR90 kill Rieeken dead before jetting away to safety. I was able to gain 2 more tokens with the MC75. The game was closer than it appeared, as the MC75 had 2 hull points and 1 shield with no brace at the end of the game.

(Captain, we had 2 ties for the station. We were mistaken when we originally calculated the scores with me winning it 4 times. I only won it 3 times.)


Captain was a great opponent. Thanks @CaribbeanNinja for setting up the tourny.



Captain lost (2) Liberties.

I lost (1) CR90A, (1) CR90B, and (2) Flotillas


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On 11/23/2018 at 11:41 PM, RapidReload said:

[...] My dice were at times above average, his at times below average - that always has a big impact on these games.  [...]

Dice annoyed me in this game. However, that was hardly the reason for the outcome. Allthough the matchup was less than ideal for me, I have not earned it better: I made two severe mistakes. First I deployed Admo too far from the center (man, I have done this so often up to now, I really should know better), so that it entered the game way to late. Than I didn't kill Yavaris with the double arc when I had the chance. On the other hand, @RapidReload played masterfully: Great delployment on his behalf which made my basic strategy very difficult. And so often he managed to maneuver in a way that his ships were in the way and thereby denied me to be in the right spot. It was a great game that I enjoyed a lot.

The logfile is here.

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