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Black Riders - Extinct?

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Hi folks, I've been wanting to grow my collection for a while now. I began collecting the game when it was brand new, stuck with it through the Mirkwood and Dwarrowdelf cycles, and had the Kazad-Dum expansion as well.

I got bored and traded away my collection.

Several years later I tried the Hobbit Saga expansion, the first couple missions. Wow, that was such a great gaming experience! To me the game at that point felt like what I had always wished it would be, both in terms of mechanics, interesting game play, and of course the story narrative.

So about a year ago I picked up the core set and a deluxe expansion. I was hoping to get a Saga expansion but no local stores had one. I picked up Voice of Isengard...and wow, I never even played all the missions. I felt like it was as bad as OHUH was good. Who seriously enjoys a mission that involves saving Grima? :) 

Getting to the point: I've been wanting to get Black Riders and start collecting the saga expansions that follow the narrative of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I've been watching eBay for months hoping someone will put up a collection that isn't out of my price range. Within the last couple weeks, Black Riders expansions seems to be disappearing. Right now there is only one copy available with a Buy It Now price of $157.50. On boardgamegeek marketplace there is only one English copy for sale, and that user will only ship to Europe (I'm in the US). There's nothing on Amazon. Nothing on B&N. I've checked local gaming groups on Facebook, etc. and there's just nothing.

Did FFG recently announce that this would never be reprinted or something? Why is this so scarce? 


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I picked it up a month or so ago from my local store. There are still a few copies floating around in the wild at normal retail price if you're lucky. I'm sure they'll get reprinted eventually. It is frustrating as the Saga's are ones you don't want to go out of order in at all.

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Fantasy Flight doesn't like to have stock in the supply chain because they might have to sell it to those who want it.

I've been waiting for The Mountain of Fire for a year now.  It's basically been sold out since it was released.

So don't hold your breath.

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