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Darth Matthew

Kethra Machine Gun

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Kethra, Bone caster, Forturnas Dice

2 trays of viper legion, Rallying Shrieker

2x4 Trays of berserkers, dispatch runner

2x2 trays of Spined Threshers, scuttling horror


Bone Caster "You may perform your fight as a shoot".

Dispatch Runner, ally at range 1-3 perform a fight...


Turn 1, Kethra moves up into range, and then both berserker units make her shoot.  Then viper legion ready's everything.

Turn 2, at init 3, kethra shoots, and both berserkers make her shoot again.  By init 3 of turn 2, Kethra has fired 5 times.

She will be under a mountain of stun tokens by the end of the game, but who cares.





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12 hours ago, Xquer said:

I love it!  Sounds like a ton of fun to play.  Let us know how it goes when you try it out!

Won't be able to try it until the dials for the Viper Legion get leaked.  It's the viper legion that's the key to this (since berzerkers can't rally and skill at the same time).

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