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Szymon Koczowski

Is there a reason UI is nothing like any X-Wing squadron builder apps?

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4 hours ago, BigBadAndy said:

It’s beautiful to look at and probably played well in the focus group of people who don’t play X-Wing.  But it’s actualky difficult to keep track of what you are making.

I think it's fine on a big computer screen.  I haven't seen the app interface yet though (obvs), that will certainly want compressing a bit.

Actually I see what you mean, it's a bit big even on desktop.  I don't mind that personally but I can see why some people would.

They can add a condensed version very easily, would just be some new CSS with a button to toggle between the styles.  I just had a fiddle, it's pretty straight forward to adjust.  If you wanted you could even make your own modifications to the CSS and have them loaded automatically when you visit the site with a browser plugin.

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It's like they ignored every good thing in all the fan made squad builders and instead went to a "Fisher Price" development team or hired a bunch of first year developers.  Also, just putting the site in an app window and calling it a mobile app is incredibly insulting.  I purchased their "Mansions of Madness 2nd edition" (MM2) game and the app for that is great.  I don't know about the "Imperial Assault" app, but I'm sure it's pretty much the same as MM2.

Honestly, I have my entire order sitting in the cart on a vendor website but, it's going to sit there until they do major improvements to this app.  Solo fan developers have better products available and they didn't know to start working on them until the game was announced.  FFG completely failed with this app.

I'm not sure if I'll even buy any more X-Wing products.  The biggest disappointment to me is how difficult it is just to look at the card point values to put together a list.  You can do a search but the search gives you everything but the point cost.  That's just incredibly stupid.  I expected a full featured app with at least the following features...

  • Browse the cards and view point values
  • Create a ship with upgrades and save it for use on multiple list
  • Be able to copy or clone a ship (3 rookie pilot setups for example)
  • Be able to use the app offline

With the exception of the second item in the list, I would consider these very basic features.  They didn't even ask the us what we felt was important in an app.  To me, the lack of effort in the creation of this app is a slap in the face to the players.

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