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I couldn't use the app. Its pretty bad.

I am also pretty bad, meaning I dont understand it. I dont know what the format types mean ,it should describe them.

I dont see how to add upgrades to a ship. It doesnt say. I tried tapping on the slot but they are all grey and dont do anything.

After 2 minutes of trying to understand how the app works I went right back to YASB. Drop downs make sense to me and it works.

This app is awful. Truly awful. Its flashy and tries to be pretty but just doesnt work for me. Which is a let down. The game itself is so good now but the app fail and the artistic design choices ( giant sideways upgrade cards I'm looking at you) are leaving an overall semi sour taste.

Also, a third of my preorder didn't arrive at the store yet,no promo decks...

Launch of 2.0 is a half a star.

2.0 itself is turning into a 2 star situation.

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iOS app became available sometime this early morn. I downloaded it at 4:30am, built a quick squad. seemed to work fine though I admit, I am not super versed on all the new point costs so I don't know if it was correct. I expected to be able to add a little more to my x-wing squad. overall, I liked the interface. A little clunky but overall, totally usable.

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