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Where are you putting your three Vitality tokens?

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With Baron Zachareth less than two weeks away from release (!!!) it's about time we started taking a serious look at what he brings to the table. We don't have a full grasp of his upgrades just yet, but one thing we DO know for sure is that he makes three of your units just a little bit tougher. Things that seem interesting with Vitality tokens:

  • Rune Golems, obviously. Still vulnerable to mortal strikes, but not so trivialized by them, and even more implacable against small-medium damage-dealing units. I look forward to trying the 2x1 with Visored Helms.
  • Figure upgrades! It's impossible to know until we get the actual rules text for Vitality tokens, but they can almost certainly save figure upgrades from being picked out by accuracy at range. Also good for stopping that lone mortal strike from killing your Lance Corporal. Spearmen will be able to much more reliably get use out of their figure upgrades, which feels good.
  • Selfishly, himself! Betrayer is quite a strong condition, so I think you're going to want him up front fighting. I'm basically thinking of him as a 5-wound hero that hands out 2 tokens.
  • Oathsworn. Defense 3 isn't the most amazing use of a token, but it's not bad at all, and helps a reliable, self-sufficient combat unit stay in the fight longer.
  • Other heroes: Kari is a wonderful bully who does amazing work, so if a token gives her another turn to wreak havoc then it's very well spent indeed; Hawthorne can make probably the best use out of any figure, and will be a true brick wall. 

What are you planning to protect with him?

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