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Recruitment: Dawn of the Clone Wars - Abduction on Naboo

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars

Dawn of the Clone Wars: Abduction on Naboo




It has been roughly six months after the Invasion of Theed and the events of the Phantom Menace.  Even though peace was restored by the heroics of Obi-Wan-Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Queen Amidala, there have been reports of remnants of the Trade Federation invasion force still being on the planet.


In response to the aggressive tactics of the Trader Federation and the growing unrest by various galactic enterprises, the Senate has passed an order to form a special unit task force to assist the Jedi in peacekeeping the galaxy.

Meanwhile, CRYSENIA VALORUM, the daughter of former Chancellor of the Senate, FINIS VALORUM, has gone missing near the city of DEE’JA PEAK. She had been volunteering as a missionary to assist with the re-building of Naboo after the seizure by the Trade Federation.  


Thinking that the recent disappearance of VALORUM’s daughter is the perfect first mission for the new peacekeeping task force, the Senate sends the group to the city of DEE’JA PEAK (where her base of operation was for missionary work), so they can begin the investigation to find the missing CRYSENIA VALORUM….





Going to try this again.  With the announcement that Fantasy Flight is releasing a Rise of the Separatist era sourcebook in the coming months, wanted to begin a campaign that would eventually lead into it.


This will be a pre-clone wars campaign (My favorite time in SW, between Episode 1 and 2), that takes place in the year 32 BBY, 6 months after the Invasion of Naboo and the events that occurred in TPM, Episode 1.

The players will take on the role of a special operatives group formed by the Senate to assist the Jedi in peacekeeping the galaxy.  The players can also take the role of Jedi Padawans who are working alongside the task force.  The players can also be locals of the planet Naboo.


The first story will take place on Naboo and follow the recent disappearance of former Chancellor Valorum’s daughter. 

Character Creation Guidelines. 


1.)    Any Age of Rebellion career and specialization.

2.)    Force and Destiny characters – Representing the Jedi Council with the rank of Padawan.  Max three force users at this point (9/6/18)

3.)    Edge of the Empire characters – If you can find a reason for them to them to work with this special unit/Jedi group.  IE:  A local Colonist on Naboo who volunteered to help with the mission or a benevolent bounty hunter willing to work with the Senate

4.)    All races are available

5.)    Duty will be the special mechanic in play.  Each player begins with 10 starting duty. 

6.)    Each character will begin with an additional 2,000 credits, representing a stipend given by the Republic Senate as payment/salary for being apart of the task force.  Force and Destiny characters can start off with a Dantarri or Lorrdian crystal lightsaber at the expense of the 2,000 credit stipend. 

7.)    All characters begin the game with 25 additional exp post CC to be spent on skills and talents. 

  • 8.)    Characters will have an opportunity to do some in character shopping at the very beginning of the story.
  • 9.)    Max 7 players with two reserve slots open/available.

10.) Players from my previous game, Spirits of Madness that will have priority.  

11.) Group resource is a G-9 Rigger Light Freighter from Force and Destiny Core Rulebook.

12.) Other vehicles maybe provided in game if roleplayed correctly.



I already have the introductory post written and completed. Simply waiting for the players ? 


  • Roster:
    • Xcapobl - Jonjo Horot: Human (Nabooan) Mystic: Seer
    • Tramp Graphics - Rhothgar: Cathar Seeker: Ataru Striker/Steel Hand Adapt
    • Edgehawk - Lance Deckard: Human Sentinel: Investigator
    • Oneeyedmatt87 - Soldier:Medic
    • Dannydragon - Spy: Slicer
    • NovaGman - Sullastan Ace: Pilot with some mechanics
    • Grahamabama -
    • Quigonjinnandjuice - Force User




Current Players






@Tramp Graphics



Edited by Sincereagape
Added Lightsaber Crystal Benefit instead of 2,000 credit stipend for Force and Destiny characters. Updated active roster. Max number of Padawan is 3. Added Orokos as Dice Rolling System

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4 minutes ago, Edgehawk said:

I was considering an Investigator concept for the other campaign. Should work for this! Just need to modify it to fit new chargen guidelines.

Would love to have you!  (You too Tramp!).  Was about to apologize to you for canceling Spirits of Madness.  The Archeologist sounded interesting.  That and I happen to watch Temple of Doom the other night on VH1 :)

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1 minute ago, oneeyedmatt87 said:

Quick question Agape, what ratio of normals to Jedi are you looking for (ie at what point does this become Jedi delegation with Republic advisors/babysitters)?

Great question.  

Two padawan (Jedi characters) to four non force users.  So if Tramp makes one, then there is room for one more.  

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8 minutes ago, oneeyedmatt87 said:

Quick question Agape, what ratio of normals to Jedi are you looking for (ie at what point does this become Jedi delegation with Republic advisors/babysitters)?

One other caveat. If most want to make Jedi (at least four) than I can change the campaign to make it a Jedi Delegation centered story with non force users joining them.  


Edit: the story is easily changeable. The original incarnation, had the characters being recruited by a Jedi Master. So it is easily adjustable. 

Edited by Sincereagape

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We'll see indeed. Force-Sensitives are up to 3 now.


Either way, I was thinking of simply making a Human character. Whether padawan or something else, he or she was not present on Naboo during the blockade, and finished training elsewhere. The opportunity to return to Naboo and see the effects of the invasion and occupation, through joining the task force, just had to be taken.

Edited by Xcapobl

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Danny!  Glad to have you aboard. 

It is encouraging to see everyone interested in this game.  At this point, I am planning to expand the roster to 7 and cut off in game recruitment with the exception being the other 2-3 players from the Spirits of Madness.

Max number of force sensitives is going to be increased to 3.  To answer Matt's question, there has to be at least one more non force user than Jedi Padawan in the group at least. 

I am in the process of editing the original post to include the current roster and what people have generally expressed interest in playing (this is always subject to change).


Edit:  To keep things simple.  There will be a max of three force users at this point unless more players from Spirits of Madness join.  Everyone seems pretty flexible.  Thanks!


Thanks everyone!

Edited by Sincereagape
Added max 3 force users.

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4 minutes ago, dannydragon said:

I'd like to play Spy - Slicer or Mystic - Advisor, depending on which we need for getting the force sensitive vs non force sensitive balance right. Probably lean toward Spy - Slicer.

Sounds good.  Spy - Slicer would actually be very helpful in this introductory story.  

There maybe droids to slice into after all


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4 minutes ago, Quigonjinnandjuice said:

@Sincereagape i see I'm on the roster for force sensitive. Should I start character creation then?

You're definitely in the game.  Feel free to start character creation.  The roster above is tentative and always subject to change based on what you guys prefer, so don't feel like you're slotted into a Force User slot.  My main job as a GM is to make sure you guys have fun. :)

I'll let you guys sort out who gets to play force users, and only step in if things get chaotic (Heaven forbid, knock on wood).  So far everyone seems flexible.

Edited by Sincereagape

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