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Best Group Ever

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I think my gaming group might be the best one ever. I'm turning a whopping 40 next week and what do they do? They pool together and spring for a copy of TI 4th ed. And the playmat. GOD I platonically love those guys!

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And last weekend I actually got it. They made a whole event around it, too. Even paid my train tickets. Two hour train ride from where I live to Stockholm on friday with unboxing/sleeving/bagging on friday evening, a full 6 player game on saturday (took 12 hours including setup, teardown and meal breaks), and another two hour train ride home on sunday.

I may have not won but it was fun anyway. The most intelligent mathmatician of the group played Jol-Nar and whacked out 4 VP to go from 6 to win in round 5. 1VP with Imperial and 3 (2public + 1secret) in the Status phase.

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