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Obstructed Attacks and Collision Detector

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Collision Detector:
While you boost or barrel roll, you can move through and overlap obstacles. After you move through or overlap an obstacle, you may spend 1 (charge)  to ignore its effects until the end of the round.'

An attack is obstructed if the attacker measures range through an object. If a ship or device obstructs an attack, there is no inherent effect. If an obstacle obstructs an attack, there is an additional effect.
• If at least one asteroid or debris cloud obstructs an attack, the defender rolls one additional defense die during the Roll Defense Dice step.


  • Ship 'A' finishes move overlapping an asteroid and spends charge to 'ignore the effects until the end of the round.'
  • Ship A engages. The attack is obstructed by the asteroid currently being overlapped.
    Does the Target (Ship B) receive an additional defence die?
    Yes because Ship A is ignoring the rock not ship B?
  • Ship B returns fire. Does Ship A receive an addition defence die due to attack being obstructed?
    No because Ship A is ignoring the effects until the end of the round?


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3 minutes ago, thespaceinvader said:

I believe the intention is that obstruction and its effects still happen, from the articles on Qi'ra and Han's interaction, and from discussion with Alex at Euros, but I'm not sure the rules are 100% clear on that.

Articles have been full of mistake since forever. If you base your rulling on an article, you are doing a mistake.

But all of this is realy confusing.

The obstruction is decided based on the attacker point of view. But the bonus dice is not given by obstruction, but by an effect if the obstruction include an obstacle.

I see 2 way to rull this case :
'A' would not get the bonus dice, since he ignore the effect giving the dice.
'B' would get the bonus, since A does not ignore the obstruction because obstruction is not an effect.
(what OP said)


The bonus dice is a effect coming from obstruction, not from the obstacle.
Thus, this effect is never ignored, bonus dice for every one.

If you ask me, the second one makes more sens.

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I think the OP has it backwards; A is not obstructed, B is.  Obstruction is a penalty to the attacker.  The effect of the penalty is the defender gets to roll an additional die, but the trigger is that the *attacker's* line of sight is measured through the obstacle.  To me, this means that what matters is whether nor not the attacker can ignore the asteroid, not whether the defender can ignore it.

This is partly justice-based rules interpretation.  A is investing points and charges in Collision Detector, and should not be penalized for it.

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Rules reference:


An attack is obstructed if the attacker measures range through an object.

So it matters if the attacker is ignoring the obstacle.

This makes sense because - if your arcs of fire are aligned weirdly due to not being square on to one another - it's possible for fire between two ships to be obstructed between A and B and not between B and A (if A has a 180 forward arc and needs to draw range from a corner point outside the 'normal' arc of fire, for example)

So if the attacker can ignore the obstacle (for whatever reason) the attack is not obstructed.

So if you fly through a rock with your turret pointed back and trigger collision detector, you ignore that obstacle until the end of the round. Hence it cannot be obstructing your shot, hence you get a clean shot at your pursuer.

Since they are not ignoring the obstacle (unless they have some other means to do so), their shot at you would be obstructed.

Note that since the obstacle is not obstructing your shot, trick shot would not trigger (an advantage of outrider over collision detector - outrider doesn't ignore the obstruction but instead lets the shot be obstructed but removes the bonus defence die, so you can stack trick shot on top of that).

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