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Fountain of Insight - Reinforcement

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Hello everyone,

My group is playing Descent for quite some time, but still there are some quest rules for which we are not sure of.

In Fountain of Insight quest (Labyrinth of Ruin), first encounter, overlord has next reinforcement: at the start of his turn he may place 1 volucrix reaver on the Exit. If an ally has been cleansed, he may instead place it on the Entrance.

We are not sure if after the ally has been cleansed, overlord can place volucrix reaver only on Entrance, or he can choose between Exit and Entrance.

It would be much easier if it would be written he may instead place it on the Entrance only or he may also place it on the Entrance.

Similar text for reinforcements is in second encounter.

Can someone help?


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I need to look at my quest guide. Will check back soon.


Confirmed, the wording is indeed,  "...he may instead place..." the "may instead"  means that yes, he can still choose to put the monster on the Exit, but may instead place on the Entrance.

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