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The Walker Classic 2018!

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All Information and Tickets are here!

Star Wars gaming by Fantasy Flight Games! An entire weekend of 8a -9p Destiny, Armada, Legion, Imperial Assault, and, of course, X-Wing in beautiful Hoth Colorado! Do you enjoy FFG's lineup of Star Wars games? Then come out to the Walker Classic! Running from November 16-18, the Walker Classic runs five of the best board games in one of the best locations with some amazing prize support from local talents. Don your helmet and blast that shield generator! 

All events unless otherwise noted are standard, FFG-supported formats. The X-Wing Grand Tournament will be sully Second Edition with all conversion kits and released items legal, using all official point costs and upgrade bars released by FFG for standard play at the time of the tournament. Star Wars: Destiny tournaments will be held in both Trilogies and Standard format. 

Special Guest

Walker Classic 2018 is pleased to welcome game designer Virgilio San Andres (Known as "V")  to run side events and his one-of a kind Podracing game! With games designed for anyone to pick up and play, "V"'s games run the room. We are excited to have him on board! 

Side Events

Side events will all be 3-12 player side events, depending on the game. Side event formats will vary from main event formats. Your Main Event ticket guarantees you a seat in one limited-seating event (Podracing or Hunger Games) through the weekend! Current side event plans include: 

  • Podracing, run by "V"
  • X-Wing: Mario Kart, "Tron-Wing," Quick Build tournaments, Hunger Games
  • Destiny: Cube Draft
  • Imperial Assault: 4-Player Hoth mat
  • Loopin' Chewie

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