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German Masters

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I' ll try to get more infos. Hopefully some more Bothans can add intel ;)

German meta seems to favor squadrons.

26 fleets use squadrons (12 rebel / 14 empire).

Many lists use 4+ squadrons.

Interdictor list uses: Interdictor, ISD without SA, Gozanti, Screed. Sontir, Zertik, Dengar, TieAd, Tie, Lambda

6plusSA list: ISD, 3 Raider, 2 Gozanti. Ciena and Valen

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There's an Italian on that list! 

Well done Francesco!


@Darth Veggie - you have six months notice, a country the size of a postage stamp, and a world-class public transportation system (and autobahns!). No excuses! I'll be lucky to get 3 weeks notice, a continent-sized country with the population of one of your states, and I'll wager I have more children then you ... but I'll be at my Nationals!


Well done Nebulon B! Well done Tokra! 


Who else made the cut? Ich brauche antworten!

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