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The BRB Fleet

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Name: The Fast Black-Red-Blue Fleet
Faction: Rebel
Commander: General Dodonna -gives a quick look at the damage cards-

Assault: Opening Salvo
Defense: Fleet Ambush
Navigation: Superior Positions

Assault Frigate Mk2 B (72) -The RED ship.  Doesn't get a lot of love but with these upgrades its a fast mover with a potent Turbolaser attack-
• General Dodonna (20) -gives a quick look at the damage cards-
• Tactical Expert (6)-you can get a concentrate fire command at a moments notice-
• Caitken and Shollan (6) -will allow to re-roll one color of dice-
• Reinforced Blast Doors (5) -gives the ship more survivability-
• Spinal Armament (9) -gives three red dice on every hull zone-
= 118 Points

CR90 Corvette B (39) -The BLUE ship.  Will fly all over the board and will be hard to catch.-
• Weapons Liaison (3) -Doesn't get much use anymore, but a cheaper alternative to TACTICAL EXPERT-
• High-Capacity Ion Turbines (8) -three blue dice on the front AND sides
• Jaina's Light (2) -can shoot through anything-
= 52 Points

MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63) -The BLACK ship.  Designed to get up close and personal.-
• Major Derlin (7) -can reduce the damage for a short time.-
• Ordnance Experts (4) -can reroll the black dice if needed-
• Reinforced Blast Doors (5) -can survive longer-
• External Racks (3) -the finishing touch when close-
= 82 Points

MC30c Scout Frigate (69) -Another BLACK ship but with RED dice for flexibility.-
• Weapons Liaison (3) -same as the CR90B-
• Veteran Gunners (5) -in case of a bad roll-
• Reinforced Blast Doors (5) -can survive longer-
• Rapid Reload (8) -this ship brings a FOUR black die broadsides attack-
= 90 Points


Decided to use squadrons designed for ESCORT since these fighters should stay close to your main ships.

Can also perform bombing attacks if the situation arises.

• Biggs Darklighter (19)
• 2 x X-wing Squadron (26)
• YT-1300 (13)

= 58 Points

Total Points: 400 (if you want to be first player, remove a low-cost upgrade like weapons liaison to get a better bid.)

This fleet is designed to be fast and furious.  Firing from all distances and take a beating.

Using some of the cheaper upgrades to get more on the board and choosing the Assault Frigate MKII B, which does not get much love anymore.  I still say its a very well rounded ship.

Then, with the quickness of the MC30s and the CR90B, the opponent will have to try to catch you while you stay at medium to long range.  

When you see an opening, you send the MC30s right into his grille and unload black dice right at him.

This is my first build on this forum.

I will now listen to your expert opinions.

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Your first MC30 Torpedo Frigate almost always should have The Admonition title, Lando officer, Ordnance Experts (OEs), and either Assault Concussions (ACMs) or Assault Protons (APTs). Admonition and Lando increase its survivability more than anything else you can put on there. ACMs and APTs are really nice because they work on top of a Brace token used by the opponent and so increase damage output significantly over Rapid Reload or Expanded Launchers. Also, the APTs synergize well with your admiral.

For CR90Bs, I would recommend keeping them very cheap - it’ll die fast. Don’t bother with an officer. Instead, just put the Dodonna’s Pride title on there. In addition to being thematic, it also works very well with Dodonna.

I don’t ever use Assault Frigates, but with Caitlin & Shollan, you are better served maximizing a single attack because it is an exhaust effect, meaning once per turn. If you do Enhanced Armament, that would be better. Also, Electronic Countermeasures seems like a solid choice over the blast doors because the AF doesn’t have token redundancy.

Lastly, the MC30 Scout type I find most effective with Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (TRCs), External Racks, and Ordnance Experts. It has a decent long range threat and a fairly scary close range threat. For survivability, you could try the Foresight Title or just leave it be.

Just a few thoughts on each of your ships, I hope you find it helpful.

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20 hours ago, rjl51869 said:

no one ever gives the poor assault frigate any love.

poor little ship...lol

They still get quite some use with Ackbar. Other than that...well...they are generalist ships that excel at nothing.

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On ‎8‎/‎30‎/‎2018 at 7:58 PM, rjl51869 said:

no one ever gives the poor assault frigate any love.

poor little ship...lol

i mean its a well rounded ship for its size.

give it Spinal Armament and it can fire four dice in every direction

reinforced blast doors or advanced projectors to give it some survivability

disposable capacitors is a cheap touch for it and expanded hangar bay to turn it into a respectable carrier

gunnery team works with pretty much every ship in Armada

and of course Ackbar or Dodonna can work as commanders.

FFG needs to give this little ship a buff in a future wave with some cards that can really help it out.

and of course, the Rebels could really use another medium ship since the assault frigate is the only medium ship they have.

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17 minutes ago, emsgoof said:

It’s a fun list to play. It looks like a classic conga line on and paper, but it’s actually pretty flexible with maneuvering to line up shots.

and its gives the Assault Frigates a little bit of love and affection.

might have to try it out on my next store tournament

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