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Novella Setting Inserts

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Does anyone know if FFG is going to make the added setting material in the hardcover novellas available anywhere else? The marketing-text for these seems to indicate that this material is not part of the Worlds of Android book.

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Rezing dead post. 

I don't know the answer to your questions (but it's possibly no since they haven't published the content elsewhere since you posted). It also seems like the supplement material doesn't come with the PDFs of the Novellas. Can anyone confirm this? There's some cool stuff in the back of Undercity and if it's in eBook version I'll get it, but Exodus did not have any supplemental material (only print version I don't have so I got it digitally). So is it:

A: Exodus doesn't have any supplemental material in it.


B: None of the e-books have the supplemental material and the only way to get it is the printed version. 

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