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LOTR Living card game on Steam, is it worth a try?

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What would make sense to me if if in order to test a deck building system where you could have between 0 - 3 heroes of any given sphere, they started by making sure that there were at least three heroes of each sphere for themselves to test with even before they let the early access crowd in.


As a side note, have been thinking over your comments on how the focus on scores seemed odd to you. The more I think about it, the more correct I think you are (on that point). My comments about spheres and card draw were based around potential as a card game but on the idea of what a LotR game should be, I think it's exactly right that just surviving and overcoming that challenge should feel like an accomplishment by itself. I do hope that they do not orient their difficulty around the idea that a win isn't a win unless you get 250 points (whatever those are) on top of it.

--Changing the focus would also definitely make the spheres feel more balanced against each other as it's not that Tactics/leadership can't win in crushing fashion with complete control of the board, it's that it's really hard for them to come out as pristinely low on threat, free of bruises, and with all the hazards/fate events under their belts. But those things are really supposed to be tactical decisions and priories not things you do even if they don't help you in the slightest because it improves your score at the end of the game.

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