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Operation Cinder: Custom Commander Campaign (Deadline Sep 22)

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So it looks like there is enough interest to run this. I've made some slight edits to the rules.

The goal of this campaign is to have a bit of fun with trying new mechanics, and develop an emergent narrative from the consequences of the battles. The setting is after Endor, when Operation Cinder is underway. Narratively, the New Republic is trying to stop Operation Cinder from destroying as many worlds as possible, and the Empire is trying to salt the earth and retreat into the unknown regions.


Mission Cards

The first step of the campaign, this step is open to anyone, including people who don't want to play in the league.

While commanders are being created, we will also make a bunch of different mission cards. Each player will get a three of these at the start of the campaign, play one at the beginning of each battle, and get one back at the end of the battle(The loser draws three, and gives the two leftovers to the victor to choose from). These cards are not transferable, and are public information. I will develop a way just rolling them out in vassal or TTS, but that'll depend on the final card count. I'm hoping for somewhere between 20-40 cards.

After the commanders are done being turned in, people will submit forms voting on the cost of each card. Median above 5/below -5 cards will be disqualified. Each battle grants points margin of victory/10 rounded normally for the winner, subtracting your cards point total, and adding your opponents.

Submit mission cards here (ctrl Enter lets you make another line)


I started it off with a few. 


Players will write up their own commanders. Players may submit up to three concepts, and it is recommended they submit at least two. The name doesn't really matter, and may be changed at any time, as long as their isn't another copy. (First come first serve on canon characters!)


General Calrissian| Rebels | Once per turn, you may exhaust General Calrissian to force an opponent to reroll any number of their dice during the spend defense token step.  An opponent may spend an accuracy to prevent Calrissian from being able to exhaust during the attack. Electronic counter measures can be exhausted in order to allow General Calrissian to exhaust even if an accuracy was spent to prevent him from exhausting.  You may not use his ability on the same ship or squadron two turns in a row.

Inspector Tolvan | Empire | At the beginning of the status phase, select an enemy ship. They may not ready defense tokens this round.

After all of the Commanders are in, I will put up a form to vote on the point cost for commanders. If a commanders median point cost is above 45 or below 15. or a third of the players (rounding up) vote VETO, the commander will not be allowed to be used.  Players start with one commander, and they may have their commander leave the narrative between campaign rounds in order to choose another commander that they made and that wasn't disqualified. Characters faction only influences what ships/faction specific upgrades they can use, not what team they are on.

Players may discreetly PM me if they would prefer to be a part of The Empire or The New Republic. Again, you may play a rebel list as an Empire team member, or an imperial list as a New Republic team member.  This represents traitors, mercenaries, and the like, and helps keep players voting in good faith. Once the campaign is about to begin, I will add players based on their preference, and then randomly remove people from the larger team until both teams are equally full of players. I will then add the removed people and the people with no preference to each team randomly.

Submit commanders here


Beginning The Campaign

Once the amount of sign up slows, I'll give everyone a week to finalize their commanders and mission cards, and then voting will commence.

Each team will select a representative to relay information and make real time decisions in some cases. Players will decide which Commander they wish to start with.  Each player will select one card from the list of cards that are available, and then roll randomly for 4 more cards, choosing two of them to keep. Hopefully this will reflect a good mixture of your commander's personality and random circumstance. 

A Campaign Round

For the first round, the imperial player gets to choose the size of the battlefields, and must assign the first player to one.

Whoever has less campaign points at the beginning of a campaign round gets to pick one of two options. Being second to deploy a player, or being able to pick the size of the battlefields. Battlefields can be 500 points to 300 points. Team leaders alternatively assign their team members to battlefields.

Players then play games and report the score. Players may change list composition at any point between games

When one team reaches a certain score- decided once the player numbers are totalled- the final round will be large battle/s similar to the end of the Correlian campaign. It will basically work the same as any normal round for assigning battlefield sizes and players, except the battlefields will be joined together.


Players may choose to write out a narrative of the battle and what happened. Each round I'll write a synopsis of what is going on in the larger galaxy, and link the narratives together in an as coherent plot as I can.


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Here's my fist commander submission, I am phone posting so I can't add it to the chart yet by I will

Admiral Chiraneau: When a friendly ship activates squadrons it may spend a ,(con fire) token. If it does each squadron activated by that ship may reroll one die while attacking 



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