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Behind the Scenes Insights of the PT

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I saw these some time ago and thought they provided some rather nice insight and behind the scenes stuff for the PT. The person who made these has also likewise done two more sets of videos, one for ANH/Star Wars and one for the rest of the OT.


Lucas post OT including the Young Indiana Jones series, and Lucas working on his draft for the PT (15:58)


Special Edition Changes and the reason behind them, Scripting and production of TPM (7:00)


Reaction to TPM, insight into the criticisms against Lucas with looking back to criticisms made against him and the OT, and  Scripting ATOC (18:40)


Production of ATOC and reaction to the film, with some notes about Lucas scripting at the very end.


Production of ROTS. 



Lucas post PT up through the selling to Disney


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