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Players bring 3 decks that contain all 7 houses at least once. At the start of your games your opponent names one House and the deck you play must contain that House.

Players bring their decks and play round 1 with their deck, at the end of the game they swap decks with their opponent. Handing the deck back at the end of the evening or not by agreement. 

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Bring your own deck 

Buy your own deck 

These are what I expect to be the two most basic formats as they are both very straight-forward and easy to understand for all types of players.

At higher levels of competition maybe we can see some varients like sealed drafts with chain bidding, or increased chain penalties for each round you win, etc.

While I appreciate the concept of deck swapping I'm just not a fan of the idea.

Casually I'm sure players will come up with constructed varients to mess around with.

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