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Showcase: Range Rulers & Templates

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Range rulers and movement templates can be a very personal expression of who a player is. So let's show off a little!

Just a note though: Please don't use this showcase to push your product. This thread is meant mainly for the end user--the players.


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If you've been to any Store Championships this season, you've likely caught a glimpse of the prizes awarded to the top spots. There are two colors of range rulers, translucent yellow with black lettering, and frosted/cloudy orange with black lettering. Of these, I was fortunate enough to place well enough to earn a set of range rulers, the orange ones.

For someone who loses a lot of games--like a lot!--I was more than happy to win more than two games.

Unfortunately, the choice of colors this season was healthy pee and cloudy pee, (forgive my crass description). Having said that, I decided I could make a small tweak that would improve the look of my set because quite honestly, they were just too ugly.

So here's my now improved set:


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I'm planning out mine in my citadel paint collection. Feedback appreciated.

Prime: lead Belcher

Wash: nuln oil/nuln gloss mix, accent with agrax.

Dry: Necron compound

Details/plating: alternating runefang steel and hashut copper plates intermittently and scattered around.

Details/speed and angle icons: base retributor gold, dry cycorax bronze

Details/speed dots: runefang steel topped by waystone green, extra 'ard coat.

I want to do something different for the ranges but haven't decided what. Might play with the idea of the majority being like high gloss laser red and green. With the paneling being like the maneuvers.

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18 hours ago, Force Majeure said:


Have you tried/thought about having the center line on the back side? It won't get in the way of your current design.

It's hard to do two-sided etching with any kind of precision with the equipment I have access to.

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On 2/8/2019 at 1:38 PM, Force Majeure said:

It's about dang time FFG got into making these, right?

Deluxe Range Rulers:Deluxe Movement Tools and Range Ruler":




Looks like the Range Ruler comes apart into sections...



Here’s my simple repaint for the maneuver templates. A little paint on the numbers and a little black wash finishing up with a coat of varnish.

I like these a lot. My acrylic templates are really smooth with slightly beveled edges which can make them a little tricky to pick up and manipulate between ships. And sometimes they even slip under the ship’s base when nudging them in place. These are easy to pick up and maneuver and nestle nice and securely between the ship base’s guides.


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