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TIE Breacher - 3d printed Punisher proxy

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13 hours ago, TerranCmdr said:

Next on my list is a TIE Shuttle (even though it doesn't exist in 2.0....!?)

I guess the TIE reaper is the closest counts-as.

The TIE/br is a boarding version of the TIE shuttle, which is not quite the same thing. It comes in two flavours - TIE/sh with a VIP compartment as a captain's boat, and TIE/br with a cramped pod for a squad of stormtroopers and breaching gear.


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Wow, that is amazing! The Form2 is a resin printer right?

Did you have any difficulty working with the material, since it's not the typical plastic? I'm very interested in this sort of printing seeing how fine of results are possible! 

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Yup it's resin.  It's pretty easy to work with. I didn't cure this print, only washed it in an alcohol solution.  By far the most tedious part was carefully cutting off all the supports.  The supports do leave little nubs which are easily sanded with a high-grit sandpaper.

The flexibility of the finished model seems about the same as an FFG model, so it's not super brittle but not super bendy either.  The resin takes paint and primer without issue.


The resin is also soft enough that you can cut it with an exacto, but it's not exactly like cutting butter.  I've found this resin to be a bit harder than the plastic they use for Legion minis.

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On August 20, 2018 at 8:19 PM, TerranCmdr said:


I've spent the last couple months' worth of lunch breaks creating this 3D model.  I found two references online and later found out they're from the "Force Unleashed II" comics.  Wookieepedia knows this only as "TIE Variant" but someone told me they are called TIE Breacher in the comics, so I went with that.


Anyway I've always thought the TIE Punisher was an ugly SOB and as such never bought one (I only buy ships I like the look of.  It's half of the fun of collecting these things.)  But with 2.0 coming, and the Punisher possibly seeing more play, I wanted to create a proxy model to use.  So I spent roughly an hour per day for the better part of 2 months creating this in Modo, and 3d printed it on the Form2 here at work.


The great thing about the Form2 is that it can create some extremely small details.  However even I was amazed at how good this looked off the printer.




After some cleanup, I primed and painted.  Paintjob could be better, but I'll be printing 2 more and hopefully those will turn out a little nicer.  Still, I'm very happy with the end result!






Anyway thanks for looking!  Next on my list is a TIE Shuttle (even though it doesn't exist in 2.0....!?)



Great models  -. There was a tie shuttle in the concept for Vader to have boarded the rebel blockade runner - I can't find the image but it's out there looked good - search your feelings ..... Or the Internet - it might be a project you like  - sorta like a Tie Bomber with only a center tube and one below it 

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