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Any Indian (Asian) fans here? Looking for pictures...

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I asked this on another post, but thought it deserves its own post.

I am looking for any pictures of Indian sub-continental type characters.  I have a player who is an Indian looking Rebel pilot, and we are looking for a picture for him.

There sure is an under-representation  of India characters in movies.  Other than Bohdi Rook (Rogue One - Brit-Pakistani actor) and Queen Jamillia (Ep2) there aren't many that appear.

Any Indian fans that are budding artists and want to help? :)


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11 hours ago, Stan Fresh said:

There's a somewhat Indian-looking character in the Edge beginner set.  I know of at least one Indian player who interpreted the character that way.


You might have more luck looking at Art Station and Pinterest for non-SW but still appropriate images.



He looks pretty good actually!  Thanks for this.

11 hours ago, SavageBob said:

I agree; finding character art for humans of color can be pretty difficult. I have a Pinterest board for this very reason. Most of the images aren't explicitly Star Wars, but they should be usable. Hope it helps.

This is awesome.  Good work :)

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