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Invader League Season 2 Sign-ups Begin!

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The casualties were high, but the fighting intensifies. Conflict has sparked all over the galaxy, and new forces have joined the battle. Enter the fray and fight for your cause! Uphold the rule of the Galactic Empire, or bring hope to the Rebellion! 

What is the Invader League?

The Invader League is a free Star Wars: Legion Tournament, played through the Star Wars Legion Tabletop Simulator Mod. Participants play a series of 4 Round Robin games, followed by a Single Elimination bracket for the top two players from each group. The games are on pre-determined maps, with Battle Cards chosen by the players before each match. All games are at the 800 point value, and armies features wave one content, as well as unreleased units. Each Invader League season takes about two months to complete. Prizes are given to the Top 4 players and are generously donated by Legion Community Members.

Season 2 registration is now open! Register for a account on the website and then use the League menu to register for Season 2. Registration is open to US (30 Spots) and EU/AS (10 Spots) participants. 

Season 2 Schedule

19th - 30th of August: Registration and Rules Published

31st of August: Bracket Reveal

1st - 30th of September: Round Robin

1st - 28th of October: Finals

Season 2 Prize Pool

1st: $100 Miniature Market Giftcard, $25 Dan Wulf Games Giftcard, $25 Jagged Brush Studio Giftcard, $25 Imperial Terrain Giftcard, and Aruebesh Command Cards (1,2,3 pip)

2nd: $75 Miniature Market Giftcard, $15 Dan Wulf Games Giftcard, $25 Imperial Terrain Giftcard

3rd: $50 Miniature Market Giftcard, $10 Dan Wulf Games Giftcard, $25 Imperial Terrain Giftcard

4th: $25 Miniature Market Giftcard, $10 Dan Wulf Games Giftcard, $25 Imperial Terrain Giftcard, and Legion Discord T-Shirt

5th: $25 Imperial Terrain Giftcard

6th: $25 Imperial Terrain Giftcard

7th: $25 Imperial Terrain Giftcard

8th: $25 Imperial Terrain Giftcard

Best Battle Report: $50 Miniature Market Giftcard

We look forward to seeing you in Season 2!


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Quick update for anyone still interested in Season 2!

We have increased the capacity for US sign-ups to 35 (from 30). With a few more players, we will likely increase the US and EU cap once more. Stats on the current number of sign-ups are:

US: 43/35 spots - 27 Imperial, 16 Rebel

EU/AS: 16/10 spots - 7 Imperial, 9 Rebel

Total signups - 59/45 spots - 34 Imperial, 25 Rebel

Thank you to everyone that has joined us so far. We can't wait for the start of Season 2! One week!


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Due to technical difficulties with the website and some unfortunate issues with Tieren's computer, we have to officially delay the start of season 2 by one week. The new schedule has been added to the front page of the website, and added to the announcement channel. We hope you understand that the delay was necessary to ensure a smooth season! Additionally, the extra time will allow us to add a couple extra features that we are very excited to share with you. This also gives an extra week for Commando/Scout special weapons to make it in.

This move also gets us a little more time to grab a few more players before the season starts. 


EU/AS is at 18 / 15 spots taken: 7 Imperial, 11 Rebel

US is at 49 / 40 spots taken: 31 Imperial, 18 Rebel

We hope to see you in season 2!

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