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Mixing in the expansions

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I am sure that this has been asked before, but a search on the forums hasn't come up with this topic.

I have almost all the expansions to Eldrich Horror and am getting a bit overwhelmed by all the cards/tokens, etc.  I feel like I should be able to mix them together, but other than the sideboards and Elder cards, what can I and can't I mix together into one big collection?


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I strongly suggest you mix all the following expansion cards with their base deck:

- Expedition Cards

- Black Encounter Cards

- Coloured City Encounter Cards

- Otherworld/Gate Encounter Cards

- Mythos Cards

- Spells

- Unique Asset

- Regular Asset 

- Artifact

- Condition

For the boards, adventure cards and other elements; use as discussed by the rules for specify old ones or the drawn/chosen prelude cards.


Mixing all the cards up make it far more entertaining.



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