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Discord L5R Assistant Bot. (dice roller)

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Three ways to use the FFG NDS Assistant Bot

Dedicated Discord server

Invite D1-C3 to your discord server

Download and host your own instance of the bot. 


  • !Roll: rolls any combination of L5R dice
  • !Poly: rolls any combination of polyhedral dice
  • !Keep: ie !keep 12 - keeps the first, second, and discards the rest of the dice
  • !Add: ie !add ww - adds specified dice to previous dicepool.
  • !Reroll: ie !reroll 12 - rerolls the first and second dice without modifying the rest of the dicepool
  • !Help: displays help for topics
  • !Prefix: changes the activation prefix for the bot. Examples: prefix ^, prefix & NOTE: User needs to have a higher role than the bot. See more: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/214836687-Role-Management-101
  • !swrpg, !genesys, !l5r switches dice and functionality between games.



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This is an awesome addition to the community! Can you get the dice rolls to show in your game channel? When I connect the bot it takes me out of my channel into like a sub-channel with the bot.

The attached pic is what I see.  How do I get my players into this DM with me so we can roll for our game rolls together?


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At first, I didn't like the "Results" box that shows all the symbols you rolled irrespective of which die they were on. I thought it might lead to someone thinking "Oh, I keep 3, so I'll keep those 3 symbols," when two of them may have been the same die.

After figuring out the keep command and the add command for explosions, so you can narrow down to the final results box, I think it works well. Thank you!

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Just wondering if the bot knows there's only one blank side on the black dice...

It does and I just have terrible luck? Oh, okay. >.<

But I've been enjoying using it! Running a discord game with 5e thanks to this bot existing, and my players are having a great time. So thank you again for making and sharing it!

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