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Darth Meanie

Really Dark Gray Squadron

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Stationed at the Death Star, RDG Squadron remains a closely guarded military secret.  Mostly, because if the Rebels found out, they'd be a laughing stock.

In the immortal works of Gold Leader (nevermind, he actually died): "LIGHTEN UP!"




Notable radio traffic from the Battle of Yavin:

Dark Evaidder to "Tosser":  Dude, seriously. . .MOVE OVER!!

Fel's Bath:  You guys are making a mess.  I'll stay back and clean up.

RDG 5 to Yowlbummer:  Get out of there!!  You're just making them mad!!

Anyone to Backscratcher:  Ooo. . .that's nice!

Don't Curse to no one in particular:  That language is not to be used at a White TIE event!

Whamper, to himself:  I'll tenderize you, motha. . .oh, sorry, 'Curse.


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1 minute ago, Commander Kaine said:

I like the idea that vader pretends to be someone else, just to take out the ole advanced for a spin or two. Or three.

List of Authorized Users For Black 1:

Darth Vader

Dark Vader

Darkie Vader

Dark E. Vader

Dark Evaidder

Darth E. Vader

E. Vedder (when Black 10 is not available)

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