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Kieran Rexer

Raymus Antilles, Comms Net and..a double token...

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Ok this came up in the last game, and a couple of player get stucked in this discussion...
Lets say I have a GR75 with Raymus Antilles and Comms Net.
Can I reveal a command with my GR75, get the matching token without spending the dial with Raymus Antilles, send the gained token with Comms Net to a friendly ship, then convert the Dial in a new token and bank it for the net turn?

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Comms net allows you to send a token AFTER the reveal step, and the reveal step includes banking it into a token... you would have superfluous additional tokens to be discarded that way...


Now, replace the Comms Net Flotilka with TantiveIV, and you are on to something... ?

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