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Any word on a FAQ or Errata coming?

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We've played a few times, and we've got the mechanics down pretty well, but there are still a lot of questions.
On top of that, the Far Harbor scenario seems to have some errors, and was much more of a pain to play than any of the others (so far).
Has any kind of announcement been made for a FAQ or Errata?  I hate having to look up a question in the forums in the middle of playing every time something comes up.

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Hey ronon3338

I think you talk about the prbolem that you dont have enough tokens in Far Harbor

I had the exact Same Problem and the manual doesnt talk about this. But i thought of 3 solutions:

1. If i remember correctly the missions require only a certain amount of tokens (enough for the missions) so you cant place more if you used the last one. As long as there are the same amount of star tokens as shield tokens or more, the Far Harbor side wins.

2. Just take on of the already placed tokens (your choice) and relocate it. You probably want to take one from a low-grade settlement to a high one.

3. Take tokens from other games and such and add them to the stacks of shield- and startokens.

Other from that i think there are no other solutions because the game has simply to less tokens for this scenario.

Hope this helped

*Mister Handy hovers away Info the sunset* 

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