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What is the point of this game being "unique"?

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10 hours ago, Radix2309 said:

Ok. So I can find a similar game with 5 times the components for 5 dollars more? Of course not, because there is a profit margin they need for what they produce. Games that are twice as large usually cost twice as much.

I am guessing you didn't actually read the article on the front page signed by the company president. They have to design the full game. The printing process to make the game unique costs 2-4 times as much for those components. The lower volume increases costs. There were huge upfront costs in programming an algorithm. There were costs tweaking the algorithm. So yes, you could find a game with 5 times the components for $0 more. Especially when the components are a pack of cards. This isn't my opinion, this is what the president wrote and openly shared. 

Unboxing here: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/video/194481/discover-lands-unknown/daily-game-unboxing-discover-lands-unknown-mild-sp LOOK FOR YOURSELF.

Take Harry Potter Battle for Hogwarts, a licensed game, with massively more numbers of components, cards, custom dice and tokens, cards of four different shapes and sizes. $50 MSRP, $32 on Amazon. Discover: Lands unknown $60. 

But whatever this'll be my last foray into this game's threads. You want the last word you got it. (If my thread doesn't get removed by mods for suggesting there are other games out there in the world).

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So the point is: why should anyone buy a $40 dollars contents worth game for 60$? The numbers (i.e. how many copies they will sell) will say if they were right in such an approach ? Anyway, the probability I will buy this game is below 1%

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