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Leb NH Sept 8th - special tournament

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Heya folks

I'm undertaking a two-pronged charity initiative.

Firstly, this: https://www.gofundme.com/e8qnkv-hair-today-gone-tomorrow

Secondly, the follicle massacre will be taking place at a special L5R LCG tournament on Saturday, September 8th at Black Moon Games in Lebanon, NH. This event will have lots of cool prizes donated by stores, companies, and members of the community, and all entry fees raised will be donated to the fundraising campaign for Jesse Carpenter, an incredibly popular member of the Game of Thrones community who is battling cancer for the third time.

Very much hope to see some of you there!

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Update! We've had enough prize donations to be able to award a play mat to the top four, plus make sure everyone taking part gets an alt art promo card. Also, thanks to a hugely generous donation from Frank Kallal, we have nine sets of clan d10s to give away, AND some fantastic tokens. There's also a copy of the L5R CCG Learn to Play set 'A Matter of Honor' in there too! More updates to come, hopefully :)


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Just under two weeks to this special event at Black Moon Games in Lebanon, NH. Come along and see a grown man sob as his head is shaved to support two fantastic charitable causes!
Entry to this event is by donation, so please give generously as all money raised is going to the Jesse Carpenter fundraiser. There will be a special prize for the largest entry fee! Prize support is being provided by various members of the community - my heartfelt thanks to those who have already contributed! We're very much still accepting donations for prize support - if you have anything at all L5R related you'd like to throw into the prize pool, please do!
If you have any questions, or if you'd like to contribute towards the prize support, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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One week today is the charity L5R event at Black Moon Games in Lebanon NH, which will begin with my head being shaved. You can find details of why I'm cutting all my hair off (and make a donation to that campaign if you like!) here:
Entry to this event is by donation of $5 or more (there is an incentive to pay more than $5...see below!). All money collected from entrance fees will be donated to the Jesse Carpenter GoFundMe campaign which is raising to help with medical expenses for a hugely popular member of the AGoT LCG community. You can find details of that campaign here:
I'd like to talk about the prize support on offer! Please note that not all prize support is in these pictures - we have even more to give away that's currently not close enough to photograph.
Everyone taking part will receive, while stocks last, a full art Wandering Ronin, a full art Asha Greyjoy from the Game of Thrones LCG, and a FULL ART MARAUDING ONI!
The top four will each win a play mat, with first place choosing first and so on. The runner-up will also get an acrylic 'Imperial' Favor, while the winner will receive that Favor plus a set of the seven Clan pins only previously available at very select events.
There will also be spot prizes given away at various points during the day.
But that's not all! All our remaining prize support will go on the Prize Table - this includes extra copies of many of the items named above, along with sets of Clan dice, sets of plastic Clan mons, cool Honored/Dishonored tokens, a copy of the Matter of Honor LtP CCG set, Fate tokens, and more. At the end of the tournament, starting with the player who paid the highest entry fee, players will be called up one at a time and allowed to select an item from the table! This process will repeat until ALL our fantastic prize support has been given away. Please give generously to a great cause, and score cool bling for doing so!
If anyone has anything else they'd like to throw in to the prize pool, please feel free to bring it along.
I'd like to thank the following people and companies for their support and/or donations:
Black Moon Games
Drew Baker
Charles Derby
Caleb Foster
Frank Kallal
Fantasy Flight Games
Gardner Game Knights
...and anyone else I'm forgetting.
Hope to see folks there!

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Last push for this special tournament at Black Moon Games in Lebanon, NH on Saturday! The tournament begins at 2pm, but will be preceded at 1pm by my charity head-shaving!
Entry to this event is by donation of $5 or more, with all money raised going to the Jesse Carpenter GoFundMe campaign, which is raising money to help with medical fees for an incredible popular member of the AGoT community.
We have a fantastic array of prizes and participation cards - check the Facebook event page for details and photos. Come along, score lots of great bling, witness my public head-shaving, and support a great cause!
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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