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DOOM! in the Advanced Campaign

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When an OL plays DOOM! at an advanced (Silver or Gold) level, does he get a power die of the campaign level, or a power die of the creature type level?

For example, we have a gold level beast in a silver level campaign; which type of die does the OL get when DOOM! is played? Black, silver, or gold?

Thanks for the feedback!

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My card says "extra power die", but treating it as an upgrade to the dice, like the Power Potions makes sense. That's not that worthwhile at higher levels, though.

I'm surprised stuff like this doesn't come up in playtesting...

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This is addressed in the FAQ, pg 17:

"Q: When effects from “vanilla” Descent refer to black
dice, how do they relate to silver and gold dice? Does
Doom! still add black dice at gold campaign level? Can
Trenloe the Strong and Lyssa reroll silver and gold dice?

A: For Road to Legend, when an effect refers to a black
die, read it as referring to power dice in general. If an
effect adds a black die to a roll (such as Doom! or a power
potion), it instead adds one “boost” as if the subject had
spent one fatigue to enhance its attack. For example, a
copper level Master Beastman, which ordinarily rolls 1
black die, could roll either 2 black dice or 1 silver die with
Doom! in play. Lyssa and Trenloe the Strong may reroll
power dice of any color."

So DOOM! always just gives one power die boost, regardless of the campaign level. It's still nice to have, even at gold...


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