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2.0 dial changes?

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I have Just started checking dials. From what I can tell, the only Rebel ships to keep their same dials are the ARC-170, Attack Shuttle, Rebel TIE, U-Wing, VCX-100 & YT-2400. The rest have had changes made to their dials. I also noticed that, in the article for the First Order conversion kit, on the Silencer's dial (it's the one on the left in the picture) the current green 3 bank is becoming a white maneuver.

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20 minutes ago, drail14me said:

I don’t like the new dials! They don’t fit in my Plano box now and you can’t read the ship type while setting dials. Kind of annoying having to look at the back side of the dial to make sure you set the right one while hiding your maneuver. 

Yeah, I agree completely. That the dials fit upright in those Plano bins was so nice. I also don’t like having the entire dial visible with just an arrow pointing to the set maneuver. Seems like it will lead to lots of mistakes and mis-readings. 

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On 8/11/2018 at 5:35 PM, Ravenhull said:

Here is a good side by side comparison page: 


Ok. According to this, quite a few dials have not changed. 


Attack Shuttle



Lancer Pursuit Craft

Fang Fighter

TIE/ln Fighter





That’s 10 ships whose dials haven’t changed. Anyone see anything wrong with that list? 


That page also has 2.0 dials for the T-70 and the TIE/fo. Have we seen those dials already? And, the TIE/fo has the dial for the /fo, but it looks like the silhouette for the /sf. 

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