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Elite Clone Trooper / ePlo with Clones

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I've heard differing answers on how many dice are rerolled by a clone trooper when it has Training or Way of the Force attached to it or if elite Plo is copying his ability.

Some are saying the clone only rerolls one of its dice but all other instances of character cards that reference "this die" affect each of its own dice.

Kanan is the only character that specifies that only one of its dice are affected by his ability.

Has anyone experienced any judge calls during a tournament that have made the answer more clear?  Hopefully this will be resolved in the next FAQ. 


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the reason "this die" works with literally every other instance of the saying like for Cassian is because they are not resolved at the same time, while Clone Troopers are.

"This die" is singular, so it can only affect 1 die or be triggered by 1 die at a given time. Cassian's die for example are not resolved at the same exact time, so they are following the singular wording perfectly. Clone Troopers have 2 valid dice when they activate they can reroll, thus the singular term gets in the way.

Unless they eratta it to include multiple dice, which i doubt because its a powerful ability on such a cheap character, singular wording = 1 die only at any specific point.

Plo could still reroll both his dice if he was with 2 clonetroopers though, since he'd have 2 instances of "this die" going off.

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