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Some house rule conjure talents

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Hi everyone,

Here I propose some Conjure magic oriented talent I created for my fantasy (Terrinoth) campaign, but that can be use everywhere magic can create from thin air or summon from other places. I would like to know your opinion on these.

Rank 2

Lingering conjuration: Every creature or object resulting from the Conjure magic action last a number of round equal to the character rank in Knowledge after the last round the character stoped spending a maneuver to maintain it.

Rank 3

Small miracle: Ranked talent. Prerequisite Lingering conjuration. Items, with a maximum silhouette of 0 and  a maximum rarity equal to the character range in knowledge, created by the character last forever. The maximum silhouette increase by 1 for every additional rank in this talent.

True name: Ranked talent. For every rank in this talent the character can choose a silhouette 1 rival creature. When conjuring the creature, the character count as having the ally increment for free and the creature will stay until the end of the encounter. The creature is summoned with no wounds every time. The character summon exactly the same creature every time, so it can develop feeling for the character (bad or good) depending on how it is treated and behave accordingly. Should the creature be definitively destroyed, the GM should impose to the character a period of time during which the character cannot use this talent. A special course of action can also be necessary to get another true name.

Rank 4

Familiar: Prerequisite True name.  One of the creature the character know the true name becomes a familiar and is permanently bound to the character. It gain a strain threshold appropriate to its kind and characteristics, can stay as long as the character want at his/her side and do not need a maneuver to be directed during combat. The creature heal strains and wounds as normal or can be sent back to its plane for at least a scene/an encounter to recover completely. The character and the familiar always know the relative position of each other and can exchange thoughts when in sight.  As for True name, the creature behave accordingly to how it is treated. Should the creature be definitively destroyed, the character should suffer 3 setback dices to everything for at least a session, as the loss of a familiar is very traumatic event. The GM is encouraged to create an elaborate quest for the character to get a new familiar.

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