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Guest Not In Sample

UFS Set 11 Spoilers

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Guest Not In Sample

 By James Hata

Your Mind is Known to Me- This card is definitely one of my favorite cards in the set. The idea behind this card was to have a powerful effect that was very deceptive in nature. This card is unique in that it technically does not do anything to hinder your opponent. However, there is a clear intimidation factor in that you can see what your opponent has to work with for the turn. The added bonus of being able to use the card as a block as long as it is the only card in your card pool also plays into an different type of anti-discard strategy that has not been seen before.


Galactica Phantom - Ralf’s signature attack has the potential to become huge! The basic goal here was to properly represent this devastating attack in the UFS universe. Since the damage boosts all depend on the level of momentum your opponent has, this attack punishes them for stockpiling momentum. Also, this attack represents a future trend for most (but not all) signature attacks. While anybody can use these attacks, the characters who they are meant for usually get the most benefit out of it. 








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