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Happy Fri... Gen Con News!

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14 hours ago, ovinomanc3r said:

For those able to live the In Flight Report, see for streaming, or read the news just after it. Everyone else (like me) will join your joy tomorrow.

Will it be streamed though?

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I also posted this on the X-Wing Gen Con thread (or one of them anyway) ... 

But the first news I've seen in the lead up to Gen Con may be dishappointing to some who would like some kind of early confirmation that FFG is going to shell out an Armadian Dish full of Super Star Dishtoyers, Clone Wars dishstruction, and Squadron derfing -- doh -- dishing ... nerfing. Oh well, here it is: 

We've got one pre-event announcement in the lead up to FFG's In-Flight report:



Privateer Press and Fantasy Flight Games announce an exclusive limited-edition collection of miniatures from the world of Rokugan! 

Coming January 2019



Here's a link

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