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How To: Be a Huge Romantic Damned Nerd

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Congrats to all who are engaging/have engaged in human/non-terrestrial mating/bonding rituals.   Do not overuse the senso-rings in the night of conjugation, or else, you will have to narfle the garthak!

Also, I must pose a question regarding nuances and complexities of the human/non-terrestrial language known as English...or what we might call "common galactic":

If one more than goose is geese, why is not one more than moose, meese?

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Just now, Megatronrex said:

I blame Canada.



"So when some beady-eyed Candian comes charging at you with their hockey stick or whatever, just remember what the MPAA says: 'Horiffic, deplorable violence is ok as long as there's no naughty language!' "  (or something like that....LOL!)

Love that movie...love that show!

I remember when I used to live in Michigan, my roommate had never seen South Park before.   Bigger, Longer, Uncut was his first experience with South Park and he cracked up so much and loved the film so much that it was nothing for him to watch it sometimes five times a day, for a week just to try and catch every little thing that was happening.   Then, we turned on the subtitles.....increased the hilarity even more.  :D

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