Hi folks, got a question about the OL card "no rest for the wicked". According to the card, the monster you choose can be moved 1 space after a hero moved with fatique. The CRRG says that instead the monster will get 1 movement point (p. 64). Has this been done so that a monster can actually get off the map with this OL card because the rules state that you need to spend a movement point to get off the map? I kinda see a problem here because with this unofficial ruling you could not move a monster figure into water spaces anymore because you would need to spend 2 movement points for this, whereas the CRRG states that moving spaces allows you to place figures into not blocked spaces regardless of the MP requirements (p. 26: " As no movement points are involved, terrain that increases movement point costs has no effect, other rules unrelated to movement points still apply.")

Is it a) monster moves spaces and cannot get off the map b) monster moves spaces and can get off the map c) monster gets movement points (which automatically would allow it to move off the map but prevents it from entering water spaces)?