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Hello, I'm sure if I really dug I could find the answer to my question, but I'm also introducing myself. I was recently gifted the core set and Rogues and Villains, and decided to start my own collection by purchasing the Profundity and the Chimera. I've figured out pretty much everything besides how thrawn works. I originally thought he just placed his new command dial on top of the other, but now I know that you can do two at once. How does that work? Even if you can't use the same command twice, can you take a token for one of them if they are the same? 

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Hi, and welcome.
I'm putting you an example to help you.
-It's the start of the Ship Phase of turn 2 and you decide to use Thrawn, revealing and discarding one of the command dials you put on him showing a concentrate fire.
-During the Ship Phase it's your turn to activate a ship, so that ship gains a concentrate fire dial (outside of his own stack of command dials).
-That ship reveals it's top command dial and it's a navigate command.
-You now have both a concentrate fire dial and a navigate dial. You get to choose if you will use them or turn them into tokens and resolve them as usual.

You get to do that for every ship you activate that turn.

To add an important point, if in that example, a ship reveals a concentrate fire dial, as it now has 2 concentrate fire dials and per the rules it cannot resolve 2 matching command dials, one of them should be turned into a token or be lost.

I leave you the FAQ entry of this last point:

Q: Can a ship resolve the effect of a command by spending multiple matching command dials or command tokens?
A: No. A ship may only resolve a command by spending one command dial, one command token, or one command dial and one matching command token.

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