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Looking for a gm for a warhammer fantasy second edition

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so i am a new player to the warhammer fantasy sistem altogh i have some experience with 40k rpgs like rouge trader and deathwatch but anyway me and few friends are looking for a gm to run the game there is not many requirements the main thing really is the that me and the others players do prefer text over voice but we can do voice if necesarie also the players that are with me might need a bit of help since they are new to the sistem.

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This forum is mainly focused on 3ed of Warhammer Fantasy. 3ed is also out of print and the forum has been archived by ffg, so this forum isn't exactly used much.

I'd recommend trying at this forum instead: http://forum.strike-to-stun.net/
Strike-to-Stun has sub-forums for all the different warhammer editions, and it has more activity than this one.

Good luck! :)

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