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Kieran Rexer

Hei! What the heck is going on here?

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Hey! What the heck is going on?
It's almost a year since the annoucement of the 7th wave...since then no news or rumors, just the cold void of the galaxy...:(
Someone has any news on what FFG is doing for Armada?
I hope this long pause will bring to players something special, beacause we deserve it, a wave in 11 months is not enough!
Where is Admiral Piett? Ace Azzameen? The Otana? Imperial Gunboats? Dreadnoughts? Carrack Cruisers? AF MK I? TIE Avenger? Admiral Zarin? Admiral Harkov?
There are tons of valuable things than can be brought to Armada from decades of card games (Decipher), RPGs, Books, Videogames, non mentioning those from Rogue One and Solo!
If not a couple of new ships, just an upgrade package with new Upgrades, Title for older ship, such the Victory, to refresh them, more characters, squadrons, maybe unique Ship Tokens....new dice (White, Green and Yellow to replace with an upgrade an existing die)....hei I'm the player, not the developer!!:lol:
Don't leave us alone....please!

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... interesting ... although I do not think we'll ever see the Executor in play.
Perhaps with "something big" they mean a possible Second Edition ...
I'm not a fan of crossovers ... mixing the War of the Clones with the Rebel Era does not make me excited ... why should I take an old-fashioned ship model, precursor of an Imperial Star Destroyer for my Imperial fleet?
The Victory is old enough.
Obviously I do not judge the background of the two temporal epochs, but only the aesthetics of the game.
In fact, I no longer play X-Wing for this reason, it has become a nonsensical mix of fighters, the timeline is important to me!

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30 minutes ago, GhostofNobodyInParticular said:

Rumor has it that at GenCon (sometime early August) whatever the "something big" is will be revealed. With the recent announcement of the return of the Clone Wars TV show, speculation runs rampant that the two CW factions will be revealed. Additionally, the SSD has been prophesied.

I have secret information. Our "something big" is a new boarding team.


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