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Starship Construction Utility RTSU v1.41 Published

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well its major to me. but since only about 5% of the people here read my posts,

others will have to judge the importance.


I have been hacking on the RTSUv1.41 spreadsheet for a few weeks now.


I have a kludgy workaround to get the HOSTILE ACQUISITIONS items into the sheet.


see the screen shots here : RTSUvHA


The original code as written by BobH is complex, and beyond me frankly.

But I was able to puzzle out his formulas for cost, space, and power enough to do a trick.


Now it is not fully integrated. so  for example when you buy the Slave Quarters,

your ship morale does not get calc'ed down by 5.

BUT, the cost, power and space requirements ARE included.


So when an HA component affects maneuver, or boarding, or accuracy, etc, those effects will

be noted in the text, and have to be altered by hand, because BobH's accounting system is byzantine.


But I am proud of myself for getting the space, power, and cost to work into it.

Also, at the very least, the full list of HA components is now at least visible in the sheet.

The beauty of the old sheet was reduction in carried books, now it can be all.

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Okay that's the basic announcement.


Two other Corollaries:


A:  I'm not posting the sheet for download until I have some more editing on the HA items.

      I want people to look over the notes and see what I've missed, and especially what

     flavor text needs to be there (such as the -5 morale, or +20 to WT encounters, etc.)


B. There are other items in there, not just Hostile Acq. I'd like to include other reasonably reputable

      homebrew ship components in the list. I should reorder the tables such that HA comes first.

      That's why I was asking the other day for lists of other ship components.


I wish I could totally fix BobH's excellent sheet. But his coding is complex, and dependent.

Do you know that my HA table was the first named thing in the sheet ?

All of his codes are from memory, and and all his references were hard-coded,

 so if you add line, you mess up the sheet.

The fact that the sheet works at all is a testament to his genius, but if you know anything about excel,

 looking at his formulas was a nightmare. (at least to me) and I take it that since no-one else

has jumped up with a fixed file, I take it I'm not alone in that feel.


Here's the list of junk please look over it. thanks. comments desired.

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Can't tell you anything on this one.  Maybe someone else will enlighten you.  I tried the original version when it first came out and it kept giving me ships that weren't RAW, or simply didn't work (e.g. lacking a Geller Field).  I drew up a bunch of standardized ships and just vary the weaponry on them.  If my PCs fight and capture one then I worry about fleshing it out more.  Let me know if the newest version works better.

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