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Want to run Arc-170 build

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Hey guys I'm a recently new player and am wanting to build a list around Norra. I dont have a lot of models to go off of but I do have these.

standard core set, rebel aces, y-wing, saws renegades, yt-2400, phantom 2, arc-170, Auzituck

an Idea I do have for a list is this.

YT-2400 Freighter: •Dash Rendar (57)
Counter-Measures (3)
•Outrider (5)
Crack Shot (1)
Heavy Laser Cannon (7)
Proton Rockets (3)
Mercenary Copilot (2)

ARC-170: •Norra Wexley (41)
Vectored Thrusters (2)
Alliance Overhaul (0)
Adrenaline Rush (1)
Proton Torpedoes (4)
Tail Gunner (2)
•R2-F2 (3)

Total: 98/100

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Welcome to the game, friend!

Norra and Dash are 2 very potent ships, and they pair fairly well together. However, these days, they also have certain things stapled to them, especially to deal with things like reapers, which are everywhere.

Lets look at Dash first. Outrider, HLC, and CM are excellent choices on him. Mercenary Co-Pilot really isn't worth the points - it doesn't do enough, so I'd ditch it. Prockets aren't bad to kinda plug his donut hole, but they should only go in if you have room. Lets hold them in the air. Crack Shot is not worth it, because Dash often does not have his foreward shot, and a one use EPT is a wasted slot in a 2 ship list.

In this day and age, when tokens are so hard to keep/use, I'd advise Expertise to provide some reliable mods. As for crew, Magva Yarro punishes anyone for shooting at you and can help with action economy.


For Norra, you have some suboptimal choices. Norra NEEDS 2 actions, focus and TL, and you have no way to provide them, while also offering 2 additional, and less useful, actions. Again, these days, Norra excells with Expertise, and in order to survive as one of only 2 ships, loves C-3PO and R2-D2. Keep her simply like that. She hits hard and is hard to kill.


I know many of these cards are ones you don't have, but just proxy away! If you at any point are entering a tournament, I'm sure you'll be able to borrow the cards

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The Norra that has impressed me most is..

Vectored Thrusters, Push the Limit, Kyle Katarn, R2D2.

Expertise is great but I hate it when stress is being dished out. Having an expensive upgrade shut down cheaply, sucks. Having both ships with it feels risky.

Being restricted to greens isn't great but with Kyle and R2, you almost want to be stressed so you can green manoevre for the free focus+shield regen. Then you lock and barrel roll for another. Tanky, can accept moderate stress dealing, hits like a truck and can actually use the reposition from VT whenever you want.

I don't feel like she needs a torpedo, given most attacks will be 4/5 modded dice anyway.

Alternatively, Saw instead of Kyle is spicy. Gives her a bit more mod protection, being passive.

I still like Kanan Jarrus on Dash. He could potentially de-stress Norra on a white move, in the right circumstances. Surprise hard turn from Norra into a full mod shot on whoever has invaded Dash's donut. 

So classic Dash-

Title, Engine Upgrade, Push the Limit, HLC, Kanan Jarrus.

Because super Dash does whatever he wants

Altogether, they're 99pts.

Lone Wolf + Rey crew is a popular Dash right now but they're both upgrades I regularly forget to use or even plan for. Generally remembering when I'm at range 2 of a friendly ship with no banked focusses whatsoever. So I've no real experience with that build.

Other people will be able to tell you better than I about all the things that wreck the above :D

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Try Norra and 3 Xwing Partisan.

Went 1st place in a 32 player SC swiss rounds, unbeaten.

Lost to 7z in semifinal of the cut though....

http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!204:98,-1,261,3:41:35:;298:140,264,253:-1:20:M.34;298:140,264,253:-1:20:M.34;298:140,264,253:-1:20:M.34&sn=CrackNor&obs=coreasteroid1,coreasteroid2,coreasteroid3


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With reapers, Norra with Kyle is a good choice, as you can still end with a focus and TL if you get jammed. With Super Dash, you won't be able to get both focus and TL if jammed, but you can get a modification shot or double repositioning to get out of arcs (which is the best feature of Super Dash against low PS) A reaper won't last that long against a modified HLC shots and Norra getting her free hit. 

When it comes to stress mechanics, if you might be in a position to get double stressed, don't PTL that round. 

This right now is what I'm enjoying about the current meta, there seem to be a lot of counters to old staples. 

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On 7/24/2018 at 7:34 PM, Cuz05 said:

Other people will be able to tell you better than I about all the things that wreck the above


On 7/24/2018 at 10:36 PM, Greebwahn said:

PTL is ruined just as bad as Expertise by stress, and Kyle's focuses can and will still be Jammed/Hotcopped

A stressed superdash is a dead superdash

You sunk my battleship!


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