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Rey + Friend

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I would like to try the following YT-1300 build.


Rey; Crackshot, Saw, Finn, Smuggling, Burnout SLAM (53)


But I'm not sure which partner to include.


I love the K Wing so perhaps either;

Miranda; TLT, C-3P0, EM, Harps, LRS, Bomblet


Miranda; TLT, C-3P0, EM, Ion Bombs, Cluster Mines, Multi-Camo



I like Poe but he seems to just get murdered right now with reaper everywhere.


Norra and Corran I doubt would fare better but I do like including a late game threat to disrupt opponents targeting choices. If they chase Miranda and Rey gets in the flank I'm happy, if they go for Rey then Miranda flanks and Rey just goes on a suicide charge and takes something with her

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Miranda seems like a fair choice - I like the first version very much the most, seems more versatile/dangerous.

My only concern is how suicidal Rey feels like that. Expertise and Kanan would hit just as hard without the risk of self-killing, though admittedly for a lot more points.

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Yeah, this build allows you to fit a more dangerous Miranda vs just like TLT and crew. Getting bombs and 2 harpoons on her seems decent to hurt them if they turn to Rey, if not then Rey gets behind them and burns things down.


Not sure how it would do in current meta though? 

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Here's a very passive mods option of the same spirit but different execution:






Smuggling Compartment


Scavenger Crane





Bomblet Generator

Ion Bombs

Multi-Spectral Camo


Rey has essential full rerolls on offense and defense, and can pull any move she wants, ditching TLs with CM and hopefully doing so multiple times.

Miranda bombs. She accepts that she will likely have few mods, and just bombs, quite well, I might add. MSC helps her withstand some attacks.

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On 7/25/2018 at 11:50 AM, Greebwahn said:

Lol anything would struggle with RAClo. I might be bit worried about QDs and Vaders. Make sure to get behind star wings. Handle Nymranda aggressively, but mind your range

I'm thinking I will go with the harp Miranda and the crackshot/saw Rey, it will be going with me to a SC on Saturday so I will let you know how it goes!

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