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On 7/24/2018 at 6:56 AM, The Mighty Boushh said:

Challenge cards? Does anyone know what these are? I've not heard of them before.


23 hours ago, Force Majeure said:

Looks like we have to wait until October to get these Shallonge* cards in our hot little hands... whatever those may be.


*Challenge pronounce with a really bad French accent

Willing to bet they're the same as these:


Star Wars Destiny has had casual pre-release events for about a year now, and they usually have these little things given out to each person. They said the kit supports 16 people for the quick build party. There's 16 of these "challenge cards" and then some of the prizes are "extended quickbuild cards". There's 17 of each of those, i.e. 1 for everybody and 1 for the TO. 

I'm expecting the quickbuild party to be a very casual event. Show up, get a "challenge card", tick off checkboxes as you complete challenges, get the prizes. 

If they're anything like the Destiny ones, they'll be easy to accomplish too. Quickbuild parties actually sound like a lot of fun. 

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