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2018 SC range ruler colors?

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As most of us know there are 2 colors of range ruler sets in the Store Championship kits - frosted orange sets and clear lighter orange/yellowish sets.  My question is:

Which color is for what placing?  

Obviously the fewer number of color sets are for the top finishers (top 2), but I've seen each color represented as top 2 sets.  Our SC kit had mostly frosted and a couple of the clear sets indicating the clear sets were for top 2.  I have seen the frosted ones listed as top 2 finisher sets too though.  

Are the kits coming out with different ratios of the colors?  Just curious - it could be that some other players are mistaken, or they were able to chose the color of template sets they wanted (personally I like the frosted ones better, which works out as that's what I won lol)

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